“Triumphant Achievement: Finsco Africa Affordable Housing Expo Delights Homebuyers and Enthusiasts!”

Thika Grove Chania, September 17th, 2023 — The Finsco Africa Affordable Housing Expo, held on Sunday, September 17th, 2023, at Thika Grove Chania, was an unqualified triumph! This remarkable event delivered on its promise to make affordable homeownership accessible and enjoyable for all attendees.

Unlocking Affordable Housing Solutions: Visitors were treated to a wide array of affordable housing options, including plots offered at subsidized prices matching market values. The Expo provided an excellent platform for prospective homebuyers to explore their options and make informed choices about their future homes.

Navigating Housing Finance: For those seeking financial solutions, expert advice was on hand. Financial institution partners shared insights on securing loans and funding for housing solutions, empowering attendees with knowledge and tools to make sound financial decisions.

A Culinary Delight: The Nyama Choma Fiesta was a resounding hit, tantalizing taste buds and providing a delightful culinary experience. Attendees relished the mouthwatering feast, which energized them for a day of exploration and learning.

Soothing Sounds of Country Music: The Expo’s ambiance was enhanced by the soothing melodies of country music, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that resonated with all who attended.

Fun for the Young Ones: Families with children enjoyed a dedicated Kids Corner, filled with fun and games to keep the little ones entertained, ensuring that everyone had a memorable experience.

Star-Studded Entertainment: The highlight of the day was the electrifying performances by Kenya’s top artists, including Nameless, Chipukeezy, Sleepy David, Mama Kayai, Judge Lucy, and Ole Matope. Their captivating acts added a spectacular touch to the event.

Comedian Chipukeezy Leading the entertainment during the Finsco performance

John Mwaura, CEO of Finsco, expressed his full support for the initiative, highlighting the importance of corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship. The Finsco Africa Affordable Housing Expo achieved its mission of making homeownership dreams a reality. It provided a platform for networking, learning, and celebrating the journey towards affordable housing. The event’s success underscored the growing interest in affordable housing solutions and financial literacy among Kenyan citizens.

Directors of Thika Grove Chania Country Edition on Affordable housing solutions being introduced to revelers

As attendees left Thika Grove Chania with smiles and newfound knowledge, the Expo left an indelible mark as a stepping stone to affordable homeownership. It was a day of empowerment, entertainment, and community, reminding everyone that homeownership is within reach.

The Finsco Africa Affordable Housing Expo promises to return in the future, continuing to serve as a beacon of hope for those aspiring to own their homes. Until then, attendees and organizers alike can look back at this past event with pride, knowing that it made a difference in the lives of many, one step closer to home at a time.

Finsco Africa CEO John Mwaura is joined by Mama Kayai and Judge Lucy on Stage

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