“Certified Homes Bolsters Security with Cutting-Edge CCTV System in Kahawa Heights Construction Project”

“MyCCTV Delivers Innovative Surveillance Solutions to Elevate Site Safety”

September 20, 2023

Kahawa Heights, Kenya – In a proactive effort to ensure the safety and security of valuable assets and equipment, Certified Homes, a distinguished real estate developer, has introduced an advanced CCTV surveillance system at their Kahawa Heights construction project. Partnering with MyCCTV, a leading security solutions provider, this state-of-the-art installation is set to redefine security standards within the construction sector.

Construction sites, owing to their inherent nature, are vulnerable to a spectrum of security challenges, ranging from theft and vandalism to unauthorized access. Acknowledging these risks, Certified Homes enlisted the services of MyCCTV to formulate a comprehensive security strategy.

At the heart of this cutting-edge security system is the installation of a four-port Hikvision NVR (Network Video Recorder), complemented by four strategically positioned Hikvision IP cameras across the construction site. These cameras were carefully chosen for their high-resolution capabilities, night vision, and resilience to adverse weather conditions, making them the ideal choice for the demanding outdoor environment of a construction site.

This new system facilitates uninterrupted surveillance, allowing for real-time monitoring of activities through the convenience of remote access. With the ability to access live footage and recorded videos from anywhere with an internet connection, Certified Homes’ management team can now ensure the construction site’s security and monitor operations, even when away from the premises.

The conspicuous presence of these cameras serves as a powerful deterrent against potential trespassers and vandals. Furthermore, in the unfortunate event of security incidents, the recorded footage can be employed for investigations and as crucial evidence.

Commenting on this significant security enhancement, a spokesperson for Certified Homes remarked, “Our utmost priority has always been the protection of our assets and the welfare of our workforce on construction sites. The CCTV system, implemented by MyCCTV, instills peace of mind and empowers us to oversee project progress remotely, marking a pivotal advancement in our security measures.”

MyCCTV’s adept technicians executed the installation with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring optimal camera placement for comprehensive coverage while minimizing blind spots. The NVR was configured for seamless operation, and rigorous testing was carried out to ensure system reliability.

The collaboration between Certified Homes and MyCCTV underscores the critical role of embracing advanced security solutions to safeguard construction sites effectively. The deployment of this sophisticated CCTV system not only enhances security but also underscores Certified Homes’ dedication to ensuring the welfare of its workforce and safeguarding valuable assets.

For those interested in bolstering security at construction sites or business premises, MyCCTV offers expert solutions tailored to your requirements. Visit MyCCTV.co.ke to explore their range of services and experience the assurance of safety and peace of mind that a MyCCTV installation can provide.

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