Seth Steve Okute’s Support for Secondary Schools in Karachuonyo

In Karachuonyo Constituency, Seth Steve Okute’s impact extends beyond primary schools to include several secondary institutions that have benefited greatly from his philanthropic endeavors. Through strategic partnerships and personal contributions, Seth has bolstered educational opportunities for students in the region, aiming to equip them with the tools they need to succeed.

Seth Steve Okute addressing pupils

Schools such as Akwakra Mixed Secondary School, Wagwe Mixed Secondary School, Kobila Mixed Secondary School, St John Seka Mixed Secondary School, and St Martins Oluti Secondary School have all been recipients of Seth’s support.

“At Wagwe Mixed Secondary School, Seth’s interventions have been pivotal,” noted Mr. Mark Odhiambo, the school’s principal. “We have seen improvements in our science laboratories and access to ICT resources, which are crucial for modern education.”

At St Martins Oluti Secondary School, Mrs. Grace Anyango, a teacher, highlighted the transformative impact of Seth’s initiatives. “Our students now have better access to sports facilities and career guidance programs, thanks to Seth’s continuous support,” she commented.

Beyond infrastructure enhancements, Seth has also prioritized scholarships and mentorship programs aimed at nurturing talent and leadership among secondary school students. His holistic approach underscores a commitment to not only improving facilities but also empowering the youth through education.

As secondary schools in Karachuonyo thrive under Seth’s guidance, the community remains optimistic about the future of its youth, knowing they have a champion in Seth Steve Okute.

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