Empowering Narratives: Highlights from the Networking in Heels Event at Golden Tulip Westlands

The recent “Networking in Heels” event at Golden Tulip Westlands was a transformative celebration of women’s empowerment and resilience. Orchestrated by Networking in Heels CEO Violette Wambua, the event provided a dynamic platform for inspiration, networking, and empowering narratives. Keynote speakers Lilian Atho, Muthoni Matu, Everline Kamau, and Serah Katusya shared profound insights with the eager audience.

Lilian Atho, CEO of RealTime Global, praised the event’s meticulous organization, highlighting its fantastic attendance. She shared her journey from quitting a teaching career to establishing seven companies globally, proving that unconventional paths can lead to remarkable success.

Lilian Atho, CEO of RealTime Global Speaking

“The doorbell founder,” Serah Katusya, CEO of Belva Digital, spoke about her transformative decision to quit WPP after 16 years. Encouraging attendees to trust themselves, she emphasized the value of embracing discomfort, recommending “Halftime” by Bob Buffet for midlife reassessment.

Agnes Matu, Crywan Enterprises CEO, shared her 20-year entrepreneurial journey in the alcohol sector, emphasizing resilience. She inspired attendees, declaring that starting a business is possible at any stage of life. Everline Kamau, Territory Manager of VMWARE, shared her inspiring recovery from a life-threatening surgery, urging self-discovery and authenticity.

Violette Wambua’s vision brought these remarkable women together, creating a night of inspiration. The event, emceed by Victoria Rubadiri and Mercelline Maroma, showcased the strength of women supporting women. As the event concluded, attendees left with renewed motivation, strengthened connections, and a deeper understanding of the power of community.

In conclusion, the Networking in Heels event was a powerful beacon of inspiration, echoing themes of resilience and self-discovery. Its lasting impact will undoubtedly resonate in the professional and personal spheres of the attending women.

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